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PayPal Stole Money From Me

By Dan

I mostly purchase from ebay. but every now and then I do sell. the grand kid wanted to run my nitro car ,but it is way to fast. so I gather up all my stuff and put it on ebay, at a loss mind you. But a buyer says he want`s it and he has a positive history so I sell it to him and take the box to work and ship it fedex. OK, that was late october 2004. dec13th i notice my bank account is off. The next day before I get a chance to get to the bank, i surf my e-mails. Oh, look! the is one from paypal. as I read this letter with NO expanation as to WHY, my blood presure goes up because they NEVER GIVE ME A REASON WHY THEY STOLE MONEY FROM ME. and I never did anything wrong!! just like this site says.

Seems we are all sheep in their pen!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:36 am


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