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Paypal Sucks

By Steve

I sell on both ebay and Gunbroker.com. I sold an item to a person who lived in Germany. He wrote in his notes on the Paypal payment that he wanted the item shipped to his friend in the US. He wrote the address in the notes of his payment. I sent his item to him USPS priority mail with tracking as I always do, a week later my tracking number confirmed receipt of the package.

3 weeks later he files a complaint with paypal and they freeze my money saying that they must investigate his claim of non reciept. Paypal asked me to send them a tracking number (Which they have access to already if you use Paypal to ship your packages) proving that I sent him the item and he recieved it. Two weeks later (after having my money on hold the whole time),Paypal gives this guy back his payment in full leaving me without the product or the payment.

When I call to complain and ask why they sent his money to him after I gave them the Tracking number showing he recieved it, they said because the item was not shipped to a address Confirmed with paypal he was eligible for a refund. Even though this guy asked in his payment “Please ship item to this address, not this address” I should have not done what the customer asked me to, and shipped to his confirmed address.

I asked the Paypal representive if he could see where the guy told me in the notes to ship the product, He said “yes he could and it is obvious that the guy is commiting fruad, I guess you learned a valuable lesson, Don’t ship to an address that is not confirmed with paypal” In any case I lost the money and the product, and because of paypals policies this guy ripped me off legally.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:46 am


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4 thoughts on “Paypal Sucks
  1. malcolm on

    Complaint Summary

    Sold on eBay for $552. Received note from Paypal that I had a payment. Delivered item via email Paypal reversed transaction No recourse, no money

    Resolution Sought

    Pay me the $552 they took from me, plus the $50.00 seller fee that was charged on the transaction they reversed and the fee reversal charge that was applied.

    Additional Information

    Date Problem First Occurred:
    Product or Service: Paypal is a financial service
    Model Name or Number:
    Date Purchased: 5/12/2012
    Order Number: 290706783262
    Amount In Dispute: $552.00

    Company’s Response

    Company’s Initial Response – Posted 06/15/2012
    Thank you for your recent correspondence to PayPal dated June 7, 2012. Your concerns were forwarded to PayPal’s Executive Escalations office for review and response. Nature of Complaint: You complain about a buyer protection claim that you lost requiring you to issue your buyer a refund. Factual Background: On June 4, 2003, you created a PayPal account, currently registered to malcolmsmall@hotmail.com (“Account”), at which time you agreed to PayPal’s online user agreement (“User Agreement”). On May 13, 2012, you sold a WOW Code and received a payment in the amount of $552.00 USD from your buyer. On May 16, 2012, your buyer filed a PayPal buyer protection complaint stating that the purchase was unauthorized. You were notified of this on that same date and given an opportunity to respond with tracking information for the shipment. You did not provide any tracking information showing delivery of the merchandise. As a result, on May 17, 2012, pursuant to the User Agreement, PayPal closed the claim in the buyer’s favor and issued a refund from your PayPal account on May 17, 2012. Since the merchandise was emailed to the buyer, it is considered intangible. Therefore, you did not qualify for seller protection. User Agreement section 11.5. Findings: Pursuant to section 13.5 of the User Agreement, you gave PayPal the discretion to review buyer complaints and make decisions based on criteria PayPal deems appropriate. You also agreed to accept that decision as final. As explained above and in accordance with the User Agreement, you did not provide tracking since your item was emailed to the buyer, making it intangible. As such, PayPal could not protect you under our seller protection program, and issued a refund to the buyer. We offer our sincere apology to you for the difficulties you encountered while using our services. As always, please feel free to contact PayPal’s Executive Escalations Department at executiveoffice@paypal.com if you have any questions or concerns or if we can be of further assistance. Very sincerely yours, Executive Escalations PayPal, Inc.

  2. Steven Katz on

    Paypal stole $10,000USD from me. On 9 June 2012 I transferred money to my Philippine bank account. Without warning or authorization Paypal converted it to Philippine Pesos (PHP). The bank account is a USD account so the bank sent the funds back to Paypal through SWIFT. Paypal refuses to put these funds back into my account and instead has simply taken them by denying they have it. I have offered to provide the SWIFT confirmation of the transfer to Paypal’s account at Bank of America but they don’t want it because it would prove they have the funds.

  3. pepe on

    they suck because they take your money at alarming rates…also dont be late with payments on there credit card they will ding you every month relentlessly..owe $! or$1000 they treat it the same.

  4. Alan K. Dadisman on

    PayPal sucks.

    First they won’t accept my password (which works fine), then they argue with my credit card number. All I want to do is check my balance!