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PayPal Supports Fraud

By Tom

I purchased a Motorola V551 phone via eBay and utilized Paypal as the financial third party.  The phone that was received was not as advertised and Paypal was completely unreasonable in resolving the situation.  They gave me 14 days to get a repair order completed on the phone.  The problem is that in rural WI where can you find someone who can even repair the phone?  The answer is that you cannot.  I even took it to the Cingular corporate store and they could not help.  This answer was not good enough for Paypal.  The ruled in favor of the seller.

If you want to sell 100% certified crap, they are the vendor you want to do the financing through.  They will protect the seller!



Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:55 am


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