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Paypal…The Real Scammers!

By Bruce

After using Paypal for many years it finally happened to me. One day I received an email from Paypal reversing a transaction. Paypal promptly removed a nice chunk of money from my account.

A buyer from an ebay auction of mine claimed unauthorized use of funds…and PRESTO…the money was yanked from my account.

I received an email asking me to jump through hoops, play dead, fetch a stick and pull a rabbit out of my hat. I was able to do all…and was even able to pull two rabbits out of my hat!!

I neglected to purchase delivery confirmation from the USPO as the item was insured for over $50. THe USPO was able to provide me with proof the package was deleivered to the buyers confirmed address along wiht a copy of the signature card. They track this information as a service for packages insured over $50, but you have to go to your local PO to get a printout and pay a small fee for the copy of the signature card….better than delievery confirmation…RIGHT? I figured this would suffice Rocky & Bullwinkle over at Paypal.

Although this documentation EXCEEDS their minimum online tracking (now I understand) stipulation, they would not accept this as proof of delivery.

I now understand that Paypal is the only entity with numerous layers of protection.

I feel like Paypal has scammed me out of my money. I will never use their service again…NO WAY!!!!!

The scammer does what he/she will do…and Paypal could really care less…as long as THEY are protected.

Their job is not to pay claims…and they are very good at it. Rock & Bullwinkle certianly put on a great magic act..as I certainly thought this would never happen to me.

THeir emails are insulting, cold, calculated and canned. I say…give Paypal a flush job….and clean the crap out of the toilet.

Thanks for providing this venue.


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:51 am


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