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Paypal Took Back Money After 3 Days

By Andrew

I sold an expensive Nokia mobile phone via ebay and the buyer paid me via Paypal. I saw the transaction read pending then completed, I transferred the money in to my bank account and this also completed. As an honest seller I sent the mobile phone by next business day courier on Friday for Monday delivery. When I checked my bank account the following day (Saturday) the balance was £370 short and as this was the ammount for the phone and postage I immediately guessed Paypal was the cause. I checked with the bank and several hours AFTER I had transferred the money to my bank Paypal had taken the £370 out by transfer. When I contacted Paypal they said the payment to me was under investigation.

Fortunately I was able to contact the courier on the Following Monday morning and stop delivery of the phone, it was then returned to me but had I not checked my bank account over the weekend I would have lost the £370 and the phone.

Add to this the fact my Paypal account was on hold for 3 months while the ‘investigated’ and you can see why I no longer use Paypal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:57 am


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One thought on “Paypal Took Back Money After 3 Days
  1. Aussie Twenty Ten on

    Well it sounds like you were very lucky to get your product back. After doing research online I see many folks who are out the product and money. I never completed the transaction I once started with paypal. I had a special deal with a product I wanted to buy, I tried applying the coupon on paypals checkout site but I kept getting an error code. I chatted with Sarah their robot and according to her I met all the qualifications but still nothing. It was a big hassle and little payoff. I ended up just checkingout paying full price for the item.