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PayPal Took Me For A Ride

By Rachelle

I had an item on auction. It was won, so I printed the label inwhich Paypal provides the Address from the Winning Buyer. A Few Days later I receive a phone call from a man who received candle holders and wanted to know how I received his personal business Po Box number that he gives out to NO ONE!!! I explained that it was provided by Paypal and it was on the Account that won the Bid so I mailed him the package etc.

Meanwhile a lady emails me that she has not received her package and wants it NOW!!! I tried to explain to her what happened. In between they both are calling me and the man is furious and the lady just wants her money back. I contact paypal and explain the situation.

They stated I was not covered under the Paypal Plan. They were not verified buyers. Which they were. The man stated he would put return to sender and send it back and wanted to know how his address got on paypal that he had never been on Ebay or Paypal.

The next day Money was taken out of my account to refund this lady and I have yet to receive the package in which it has been 3 months and the address has now disappeared from my account!!!!!! THEY TOOK ME FOR A RIDE!!!!

I opened another Ebay account and WOW guess who makes and wins a bid!!! The same person but there is nothing that can be done Paypal states I need to contact the local authorities!!!! BEWARE!!!!


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:20 am


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One thought on “PayPal Took Me For A Ride
  1. Twilight Woods on

    PayPal has a reputation of never giving the seller a chance to prove themselfes. When i had an account with them, they put me threw HELL!!!! I was selling nail case holders, I made myself, put them on EBay. I had this one customer calming i never sent her the item. I was shocked!! for that never happend to me. To make a long story short, I was back and forth with Stupid PayPal and they end up favoring her and not me. I hate them and closed my account. I will never use them again or let anyone I know use them as well.