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Paypal Twilight Zone / House Of Horrors

By D White

I too have been locked out of my Paypal account and thrown into the Paypal house of horrors, just try and find your way out, no way. This has happened to me twice now, each time this action was triggered by me updating my personal information, i.e., credit card accounts. I had a lost card, this same card was also listed with Paypal, I deleted the card, it was no longer valid, I had my new card with a new number, and that was the card I was updating to. WHAM! my account gets locked. After jumping through all the hoops and rings of fire, Paypal insisted on, proving that I was who I was, (weeks this took), my account was reinstated. Well, here I go again, I had information that was old, and was deleting it, KAPOW! my account is in a locked status again.

I have been a Paypal member for 5 years, (signed up in 1999). I have been with them through their “growing pains” and thought it was a pretty good idea, it made paying for online auctions a godsend, but it has turned into the pits of hell, and they will never acknowledge a problem. I was thinking about all the people whom they might be doing this to, with large balances, keeping the money hostage for 6 months, making interest on this extorted money, for sure, that is want prompted me to search for Paypal abuses. Boy did I find them. I am absolutely convinced now that they will be going down, and my money will not be part of their collapse. Corporate scandal is rife in this day and age, here we go again, you can bet your life on it.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:25 am


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