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Paypal Unfreezes $286.14 After Charging $191 To Credit Card

By Joe

I used a bank transfer to take out $200 after selling a laptop for $300 and being paid through paypal. Then I discover that paypal reversed the funds so the $100 I left in the account is now -$200 balance. Well- the reason: the buyer didn’t like how I described the item. It was however a well used laptop and failed to mention how worn and flaky it had become. Paypal- however was a horror story.

See, I use paypal to pay for things like subscription to a web hosting company for a site i run. now i have to pay this. no matter what! or they delete all my importent files. and they ONLY accept paypal, and i can’t afford to use another service because the one i use is so cheap. well, i am told i can pay useing my credit card in an email because my normal funding source is paypal balance. turns out paypal doesn’t tell you that when you pay they will charge your credit card for -$200.

So, now not only have i lost $100 that I badly needed to live on but I was out $200 that was my food money. I call them up and complain because the site faqs said it would not take out money unless so many days had gone by and if it was under review in my case because of a dispute it would not happen until the disput was settled. so i assumed no problem. pay the $12 through paypal to this web hosting and i can continue manage. not what happens as i said. they told me when i called that the TOS that you agree to has an additional line that basically says differently. they could not help me.

I finally threatened to call my bank and reject the charges. i did this. no idea what happened there since it takes 3 or 4 months to review. anyway. 4 weeks go by and guess what- the buyers dispute is ruled in MY FAVOR! greats news for me. but in the mean time they have taken 191$ that i needed to live and eat on out. so now my account has 300$ plus, they took out money for the freezeing of my account. i don’t know if i will use paypal again though. i knew it was risky before but it made things easy with the number of transactions i deal with. not to mention i may have contributed to paypal scams in the past or i had knoledge of such real life scams. paypal is joke.

I do believe they make money for a few reasons. they charge you an arm and a leg for every transaction. so reguardless of freezeing funds and never releaseing them even with a huge ammount of fraud they still DO A HUGE HUGE NUMBER of transtions for which they profit from.

Don’t ask me the numbers, i just don’t know.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:25 am


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