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PayPal USPS Mess

By Jay

Message This was my first time using PayPal or eBay. I posted the item, a seller expressed interest and sent me $880 to my PayPal account. I sent the item via USPS and used media mail because I misunderstood the purpose of media mail. The post office inspected and said on their website that it was “returned to sender”. This flagged something with PayPal and they froze my account. I proceeded to do the list of 7 things to fix my acccount and get my money while dealing with USPS and tracking down my package. The USPS said the package was lost. Lucky I bought insurance! 3 days after submitting the insurance info and 8 weeks after mailing the item the package was miraculously recovered by the post office.

Anyway, PayPal decided to never do business with me again because of this fubar by the USPS! I don’t know which company sucks worse! At least none of my taxes go to pay the morons at PayPal.

The seller is still interested in doing business with me because I have been honest and fair throughout the entire mess. My question is how does PayPal expect to stay in business if they screw first time users of the service so bad? I will go way out of my way to bad mouth this stupid company.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:50 am


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