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Paypal What A Rip Off

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

While using paypal I had a banking challenge from my personal bank. I decided I would go into paypal remove the banking information and replace it with new banking information. I was advised that my paypal account was in the negative as they paid for the items i won in an auction, i yet had two other items waiting for payment.

1. I could not remove the account that was not funded because my paypal account was negative.

2. I couldn’t immediately add another source of funding to clear up the matter, as you have to be verified, which is paypal crediting your personal account with cents, which takes a day or two or three….then you verify that you received the deposit from them.

3. After I waited for the verification of my new funding source, I then needed to pay the negative amount which was what paypal paid for me and also to pay for two other items won in an auction. I decided to pay for the auction items first which clearly showed a total to include the amount that i was negative. I thought this was going good. After I paid for both items I realized that the big red numbers showing that I was negative had not changed at all, there is also a button to click to clear the negative amount. so i clicked the button, attempted to clear the negative, after 3 attempts, the big red negative amount remained the same.

4. I called paypal to be advised that you cannot change a funding source in the middle of a transaction. Also that in order to change the funding source you must go through the verification process. Also was advised that because I attempted three times to make the big red negative number change to reflect that funding had been successful, that I essentially paid the negative 3 times and that there is no way to stop this transaction. That they will take the over payemnt and post it to my account in 3-4 days and make it available to me. I explained that I cannot believe that when paying for items it immediately and clearly shows that the balance has changed, but for some reason when funding you account it doesn’t immediately show the new balance. She apologized!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:03 am


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3 thoughts on “Paypal What A Rip Off
  1. Chuck on

    They even take a cut from the shipping,and when you use the so called sarah automatic bull sh– nothing is programmed for what you need and when you phone them you always get a jerk when you ask for a manager,They ask why and what is it about.If you say I just want to talk to a manager they put you on hold and never come back on.They hold your money for 21 Days even when you mail out your item and I can go on and on and on. They need competition and a attitude adjustment. Very dissipointed customer

    • john on

      I agree with Chuck these people are sleaze bags not only does ebay make money on your auction but they take a cut on paypal and the shipping. WHAT A JOKE. I stopped taking paypal. I will never use paypal again. I got frozen a few times but I am in good standing. However now they want a copy of my DL, a bill to prove my address and a copy of my social security card? NO WAY. Sorry you didnt need it before and your not getting it. GoodBye Paypal

  2. robbins on

    I dont know if this will help in any way but I was just owned by PayPal. Not only was it rediculously impossible to send money to a client in India but when I sent them 2k I was charged like $80. It gets better. The exchange rate in India is 62 per US dollar. They changed it at 59. Thanks Paypal for the $160.00 charge