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PayPal Won’t Investigate

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

In July 2005, I sold some items on ebay that were brand new Party lite items that I had an over abundance of. One buyer from the start did not give me warm fuzzies. He sent paypal and said to send it to his girlfriend instead of him. I refused to do it and he sent me threatening emails riled with curses. When I sent his item I had purchased insurance and deliv. Confirm. via USPS. The buyer filed complaints against me at paypal AND ebay within a week of paying complaining that he hadnt gotten it yet ect. He went to ebay a few days later and closed the dispute stating that he had gotten the item. But left Paypal dispute open. Because of an error made on the part of USPS by not scanning the item at its destination point, the tracking shows the package as being shipping but thats it. Paypal refunded the buyer. PLUS, buyer got the item.

I sent copies of the buyers statements that he did indeed get the item, paypal replied and said since it cant be confirmed on line he is entitled to the refund. I went to the post office and they told me the only way to get the insurance is to get a letter from this buyer stating he never got it. He won’t do that because he can get nailed for fraud since he has already admitted to getting it. I am out the money for the item, and the item itself and paypal keeps demanding that I add more funds to my account so they can give him even more money. I keep refusing telling them to please investigate the evidence I have given, and they refuse stating that the buyers own admission of getting the item is not proof.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:18 am


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