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PayPal’s Bogus Policy

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I purchased a chain saw after the recent hurricans in FL., so I could take a tree down that was unsafe. It was advertised as “works perfect” and “very good condition”. Upon arrival, I found it would not work at all. A closer look reveald that it had no spark, and the gas line was not even connected to the carb. That tells me that the seller, at the very least, never tried to start the saw, or he took it apart and found it to be unusable, then put it back together, forgetting to reconnect the gas line.

I only paid $56.00, inc. shipping,thru PayPal, so I filed a claim with PayPal, and contacted the seller. The seller promised to refund my money with shipping 0n at least 3 different occasions. PayPal of course, denide my claim, eventhough, they say in their user agreement, that if you receive an item that is significantly different than advertised, ie.( “works perfect” verses “dosen’t work at all”, you are protected by their refund policy.

After 2 month’s of eMail to the seller, he no longer responds, and has not sent my refund. I also have tried to contact PayPal again, several times, with their on line contact form. Each time I try, the session is timed out before I can explain my position, another one of their deliberate deceptive tactics, I think. It is time for the courts to do something about their complete misrepresentation of the service they claim to provide.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:13 am


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