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PayPal’s Slow Refunds

By Leona

Paypal extremely slow in refund process.  They can technically keep your money as long as they want if there is a dispute.  This is per your agreement with them when you use service.

Opening and closing a dispute is at their discretion.  If seller and buyer reached an agreement and paypal takes their time closing the dispute or decide not to close the dispute, you have no recourse.  They have your money and they do not have to return.  30 day investigation can be extended at their discretion to what ever.

Pay Pal takes you money and do as they please.  Buyer and Seller beware. Look alternative solution.

Ebay/Paypal (live) customer support is terrible and rude.  Use your credit card.  They are better than PayPal and whole lot less headache in resolving problems.  I am done using paypal and ebay -

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:18 pm


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4 thoughts on “PayPal’s Slow Refunds
  1. Treena on

    Paypal’s customer service sucks big time! I had an issue with a seller on ebay and and had to open a dispute with paypal and the whole process was just horrible. They treat you like a second-class citizen yet they can’t give you a straight answer. It was my first and last purchase with paypal.

  2. OhioGirl on

    I too am fed up with the poor customer service paypal gives. They don’t care about helping you recover funds, once they have your banking and credit information you are 100% at their mercy. I had a dispute opened for 28 days before it was resolved in my favor only to have to wait for what felt like forever and a day to get my money deposited into my account. I’m not even going to mention their outlandish fees for using their “free” service. UGH!

  3. ZeZe Wiles on

    These people are horrible. I needed to get refunded for the same situation and PayPal refunded me after 33 days!!! There customer service is the worse I ever seen. It shouldn’t take that long in refunding the money back to you. Once you get an agreement with the buyer it should be no more than 3 to 5 business days. They are lazy and useless. I left them and never went back.

  4. Cuddly Creatures on

    Yes many people do not comprehend that they are at paypal’s mercy and this is because they don’t read the user agreement. My uncle is an attorney so he taught me to always read before agreeing. Unfortunately I understand the agreement and have to click that little box and hold my breath, hoping that they don’t select my account to hold up, etc. If you want to use their service or any service for that matter you need to accept what their legal team puts together.
    My funds have been held one time in the past two years so it’s not enough to make me switch but I’m always sniffing around for alternatives, that’s how I found this site.