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Process Serving Agent

By Peter Van-Bregmann

I am looking for the Agent of Service for PayPal so that I can serve them legal documents to bring them to small claims court. The agent’s name address, phone number, and any other pertinant information that might be necessary. Thank You. Also, I need the same information for the Paypal buyer line of credit which is issued by GE Money Bank. The two will also have an agent for service.

Thank You…..

Peter Van-Bregmann

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:09 am


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One thought on “Process Serving Agent
  1. Joe on

    Simply serve any Paypal office and document it adequately. Under common law a corporation is a complex partnership, where the owners have delegated the running of the business to agents. This complex partnership exists and acts by grant of permission- it is a government subject. It has zero rights in law, only privileges. Under common law, you only have to meet the common law rule of fair play, meaning the corporation owners only need to be fairly noticed. It is under administrative process that you have to do hoop jumping. If you are not a foreigner, corporation, or other government subject, i would not advise contracting into administrative process as you are consenting to be treated as a government subject. That means you need to avoid small claims court and other administrative tribunals. Do your own research. Peace out.