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“Recovery Of Funds”

By Bernd Schneider

Weeks after I have set up the domain AboutPayPal.org, PayPal have unrestricted my account, and I have been able to withdraw the funds that had been “permanently locked”. I doubt that I would have had this success without AboutPayPal.org.

However, I’m not yet even with PayPal. To recover my money has been a lot of effort and has caused me expenses as well as loss of income. And I believe that if I were in the US and could make use of the information I have gathered, it would be easy for me to collect damages.

PayPal may or may not have the right to close accounts of customers at will. But a simple account closure would probably not have irked me enough to set up this website. What spurred me into action was that famous two-liner by which they informed me that they “permanently locked” my account:

Re: Restricted Webform: auto-bp (KMM15642011V79497L0KM)

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Following an investigation, this account has been permanently locked due to violations of our Terms of Use. This decision may not be appealed.

PayPal Account Review

Not a word about my money on their account (some 467 US dollars). And true to form (appealing is not allowed !), requests per email for information about what would happen with my money had remained unanswered for weeks. until I set up this website.

And, by the way, what violation of terms? From the time they accepted my account to the time they “permanently locked” it, there was no difference in the pattern of usage.

I would probably not have taken the effort of setting up this website if they would have informed me in a polite and responsible manner that they would like to close my account. I don’t know what kind of customer service department they employ, but I can offer some help on how an account closure mail could be worded.

As pointed out above, that I have been able to withdraw the funds after a battle involving the setting up of this website doesn’t mean that all is now in order.

In another article on this site, headlined “Demanding damages”, I have explained in more detail that people who had their accounts unjustly restricted or permanently locked should demand damages, and this includes myself.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:37 pm


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2 thoughts on ““Recovery Of Funds”
  1. Bella S. on

    Ugh they are just gross! I hate them. I had two accounts with Paypal, both have since been disabled. They are such bullies.

  2. jenny on

    I totally agree, paypay does SUCK. They have $700 of mine and it doesn’t look too good for recovery. I think the Feds need to step in and regulate them like a bank, they suck so bad!