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Refusing To Reimburse Funds

By Lance Malone

My paypal account was compromised and I told paypal about it.  I did everything they require when you see a fraudalent transaction.  Paypal said fill out there form and they would reimburse me within 5 business days. Instead I get an email almost immediately from Paypal saying they will not reimburse me becuase they do not see anything fraudalent about it.  I have never been to a website called tryitbeforeyoupay.com.  I dont purchase nothing online with paypal as I use it only to recieve payments from my clients for remote computer service.

So dont believe the security aspect of Paypal.  Its not secure and they dont care if someone compromises your account they will not give you your money back either which way becuase there contract says they dont have to.  Read it before you sign up. A matter a fact just dont sign up at all.  Just input Paypal into the search engine and you will see more sights just like this one.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:44 am


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