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Restricted My Account

By Andrej


This is my adventure : Paypal has restricted my account so i can’t receive payments and, of course, it is no possible to send payments. Just i got negative balance because of a new ebayer that started a complaint against me ( ….but the item sold it was in perfect workiing conditions THRUTH !!! and he sent back the item in èerfect working condition only with few scratches… caused of trip.. i think… ). By the way, Paypal decided, with not appealable decision, that the buyer is right and refunded him the money ( i think). Now they asked me to send a bank check to a P.O. Box in Ireland or in the United States ( i can choose where to send in one of this two address) otherwise they will restrict more  my account or the can even close the account ( where i have no money !!! ) very strange situation. I say that i want to pay by credit card but they sayd it is not possible, and it is not possibile through  bank wire transfer too. What they can do against me? what i must to  do ??  I want to pay but i can’t !!! NEED HELP.

Best Regards. Greetings from Italy.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:13 pm


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