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Screwed Over By PayPal

By Victor

Like some of the other stories around here, I sold a laptop on ebay for $1362.00. I was a first time seller on ebay but I knew about the western union scams and the nigeria shipments and the like. So I recieved emails asking me to go outside the ebay system which I promptly ignored. Then one day someone bought my laptop on ebay, I saw that he was a new user but he was registered for a few weeks so I thought this might be legit, especially since we were going through the ebay system. So I sent him the notice and a few days later he sent me the funds via paypal and requested that I send the package to his friend, and after waiting a few days to make sure they were legit, I shipped my laptop to his friend using Global Express Mail. It wasn’t until later that paypal notified me that the funds in my account that the person sent were frozen, this was after I withdrew the funds to my bank account. So then I had a huge negative balance on my paypal account and since I didn’t ship it to the registered buyer, I wasn’t eligible for the seller’s protection program.

Now I called USPS and they told me that I’m SOL because the package is no longer in the US, I called the USPS Inspector’s service and they just told me to try to call the Russian Post Office that would be handling it, but I’m not able to find the number. I just filed a report with the IFCC, and ebay. Ebay has yet to respond, I then called Paypal who told me that I made an expensive mistake and that I should of known better.

This was my first selling auction on ebay and I thought that if I went through ebay and paypal that paypal would be able to verify and confirm the funds. Even the buyer’s address was confirmed. Not only that, but when I asked the buyer to send me more funds for additional shipping costs (when I first shipped the laptop and before I was notified by paypal), he sends it through paypal this time with a different billing address. Both were confirmed, and both were successfully sent to my account. Some thought that Iw as dumb for shipping it to another address, but I thought that I could of relied on paypal’s security. Wouldn’t this be paypal’s fault for not fully verifiying the funds? I only accepted paypal because I’m not a merchant who has enough money to use verisign, and I knew the dangers of accepting money orders and checks and thought paypal was secure.

So once I saw the negative balance, and I put the money back into my paypal account, which I now kind of regret, but is there any course of action I can take? Or am I SOL and lost my laptop as well as incured the costs of shipping. If the funds aren’t released should I bother taking paypal to small claims court? I’m transfering the funds to my paypal account now to get out of the negative balance, but I hear that maybe I should just close the account so the funds will bounce and then see what they do. This isn’t a good time for this to happen to me especially while still going to college and having all these other financial burdens placed on me

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give..

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:08 pm


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