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Second Hand Troubles

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have not been damaged by paypal yet. Three years ago I started the process of opening a paypall account in order to pay for an item on ebay.

Halfway through the process I was advised to give my concent for a $1.50 to be withdrown from my bank account and when the statement come to me  I would have to complete the process !?!?!?!

The statement would have come after a month. How was I supposed to pay in three days…

So far I do not have a paypal account and am very happy with this.

Unfortunately there are some sellers on ebay who with only accept payment by paypall, this put me in a very bad situation where I cannot pay for an item which I like.

Why such discrimination is allowed at all? Am I a second class person or is my monie less valuable than the people who use Paypal.

On the other hand These sellers deffinitely are losing money by not allowing peole like me to participate in their auctions as this way they are selling to a limmited circle and not to all potential buyers.

Why these people are willing to take the loss? Is ebay charging them lesser taxes if paypal is the only legal way?

On couple of occasions I bought such items and politely asked the sellers to accept money orders for payment. They accepted and transactions were finalized with no problems.

This week I was rejected twice while trying to buy such “paypal only” items. Now Ebay is checking whether I have a valid paypal account BEFORE placing my bid and rejects the bid at all.

I like ebay and although on three occasions I paid for the items and never received them, still am sticking to them…for now…

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:52 am


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