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Seller Cheated Me, Paypal Didn’t Care

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I bought a diamond anniversary thru overstock.com. The ring I bid was $197.

I returned the seller within 2 days.She promised she would refund me but she didn’t.She didn’t respond my 2 emails,so I filed a claim. The diamonds looked very yellow hue like citrine,it was too small and wouldn’t fit the finger.The appraisal paper accompanied the ring was fraud. I called the  wholeseller name on the appraisal paper,it was non existent.It has been 2 months the paypal has not bothered to email me or call me.I think paypal just represented the sellers not the buyers. I never use paypal again. It was a bad experience for me

I hope you can help me and these desperate people on the website. Better business bureau should care to investigate the crooks.

Thanks for listening and reading.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:16 am


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