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I will not be selling on eBay or using PayPal anymore

I had a problem with a seller and reported it to eBay’s customer support. They advised me to log the events of the transaction in an email, and they game me their email address to mail it to “customersupport@ebay.com” After a few days of not receiving any response, I called them back. They had no idea of any open claim case that I had filed, and I was told by this other “customer agent” that the email the previous agent gave me was fictitious. Bottom line, eBay doesn’t stand behind their own policies and rules. And basically let buyers and sellers do exactly what they want. Ebay couldn’t care less if you win an auction, and don’t pay. Or, if you sell something, and change your mind after the bid is closed. Ill never use ebay again. Both ebay and pay pal are meant for each other! It is such a scam.

Here’s how it went:

Ebay Transaction listing no.***** Reference to Mr. Karl ***** aka: Member id ****** accusations directed towards me in this request to cancel transaction case, and the purchase of his Icom R70 shortwave receiver::

Everything Mr. ***** has said here is untrue and he continues to make up fictitious stories on why he illegally refunded my money after the close of this auction when the item was fully paid for.
Before I bid for his item during the first stages of his auction, I had asked Mr. ***** that since he claimed his product was trouble free and working flawlessly, would he consider extending a few days warranty in case there was a problem with his vintage equipment, in hopes that he would stand behind his claims of his product. He immediately accused me of not having trust in him, and that his profile ratings speak for themselves. Then he asked me why I would ask for only a few days return guarantee. I explained to him that 90% of the time, if anything goes wrong with vintage electronic equiptment, it usually happends within the first few days of putting it back into a steady regular operation.
He refused to extend any type of guarentees, yet still tried to convince me how great his radio receiver was. I ended the conversation with him stating I would wait until the right one comes along that may have some sort of a sellers guarentee. His response was that his receiver is the right one for me, and that in his listing under shipping and return, that he would guarentee it not to be “dead on arrival”
I gave it some thought for a few days, and decided to take the chance and bid for his receiver. I sent him an email before the close of the bid, telling him I was going to trust his accessment of the receiver and place my bid.
I woke up at 4:45am Sunday morning 5/20/2012, minutes before the end of the bid, to place my best price, and ended up winning the bid.
That morning after breakfast, I made an instant paypal payment to him for the receiver and the cost of shipping. I then sent him a message, requesting for him to forward the tracking number for the shipment as soon as possible, explaining to him that in the past I have had shipments stolen from my door step, and have made it a habit to have all my shipments intercepted and delivered to the local UPS or Fedex locations for my personal pickup.
His response was that now he was freightend because I had told him this. I responded back that he would have no worries, and that all he needed to do was contact me with the tracking info, and I would do the rest.
Then, I asked him to atleast insure the UPS package containing the receiver for the price I paid for it, in the event they either damaged or loss the shipment, protecting me from any loss, and he agreed to place insurance on the package. He again assured me the receiver is in good working order and I would have, QUOTE: “No Worries”. Then goes ahead and leaves me possitive feedback saying, QUOTE: “Quick Payment, Great communication! Excellent Buyer!” End Quote…
That was the last email that morning from Mr. *****.
That evening I returned to ebay after an enjoyable evening out with my wife, to find a shocking message once again from Mr. *****l, accusing me of not trusting him, because I asked him to place insurance with the freight carrier, and that he felt, QUOTE:”I WAS A LIABILITY TO HIM”, so he went ahead and cancelled my purchase, refunding my money through paypal, and selling the receiver as a “second chance” offer to someone else! He stated on the paypal refund that, QUOTE “I think not, Your too much of a liability” end Quote. Then he states on his request to cancel this transaction that he cancelled it because I had made, QUOTE: “unrealistic demands”. I don’t feel that because I had asked him if he would consider extending a few days warrenty, or to place insurance on the shipment “Unrealistic”.
I paid for his receiver the day I won the auction with an instant payment through paypal, and he refunds my payment with an “echeck”, placing my money on hold which took till now, 5 days to clear!!!!
I never had any issues with the final sale or requested any refunds! As a matter of fact I was excited to receive the shipment and add it to my collection of vintage radio gear! He took it upon himself to cancel the sale, without even emailing me back to clear up any misunderstanding he may have had with me. Again, NOT FOLLOWING EBAYS POLICIES!!!!

He broke ebays policy by reselling my receiver to someone else, which I rightfully owned at that point, through ebay second chance offer! Ebays policy on second chance offers clearly state, If you, the seller, are not able to complete the sale with the winning bidder or if you have duplicate items for sale, you can send a Second Chance Offer to anyone who bid on your listing.
It goes on to state , Or your original buyer didn’t pay.


Mr. ***** canceled my purchase illegally, because his fellings were hurt, or for some other personal reason he will not admit to.
I am hoping my 30 minute conversation to ebay via the telephone two days ago about this transaction will result in some sort of a concequnce placed on Mr. ****** for his un called for actions, and be banded from ebay for a certian time period. Sellers like Mr. ***** need to learn to put their personal feelings aside, and act business like towards their prospective buyers, and keep a professional stature.
I will not be leaving any positive feedback to Mr. *****, rewarding him for this horrible transaction, which took days to receive my refund. If my feedback blemishes his positive record, so be it. Others will benifit from knowing what they may be getting themselves into by dealing with this gentelman.
I am requesting ebay to do something about this, and not ignore and let this transaction slide without any radification.

This email to that fictisious email address ebay had given me, was requested by ebay themselves, but unfortunately fell on deaf ears.
After I finally received my refund 6 days later, I left the seller a negative feedback. He emails me back asking me to retract it and that he would not “PUT UP WITH THIS”.
I emailed him back and told him my feedback will remain unchanged. So he goes ahead and somehow has it removed. I called ebay one last time, and naturally had to repeat the whole entire story to the customer care agent because they had no record. I told them I felt his comment saying “he would not put up with this” to be threatening, since the bid was already closed and he knew my address.
Ebay hung up on me!
You guys figure it out….it took me a few years to realize ebay and their evil child paypal does indeed suck, and I will use any other avenue I can find, to buy and sell. Im done with them!

Posted: June 4, 2012 at 6:01 pm


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3 thoughts on “I will not be selling on eBay or using PayPal anymore
  1. LillyRose on

    As long as eBay is making their money and Paypal gets their cut they don’t give jackshit about their users. Some people that should be banned from ever using ebay or paypal are just roaming free using and abusing the system and breaking the user agreements without any consequences. But ebay and Paypal has no problem shutting down good people for reasons you will never know unless you take them to court to find out.

    • River Johnson on

      I wont use paypal either. Although, I still ahve to use Ebay because 85% of my customer base comes from there, I sure wish I didnt have to. Their tactics need to be reviewed by some sort or committee or something. It’s just God awful…

  2. Sammy on

    Your decision to never use Paypal again is a very good decision. Paypal sucks big time and Paypal and eBay just piggy back off each other in ways in which they can screw people over. They are too big, too greedy and don’t give a shit about people honestly trying to use their service to make a little money. They just don’t care and you totally got the short end of the stick. The bigger problem is that they can continue to operate in the messed up manner..taking from honest people and there is nothing that can be done…they are allowed to operate this way because they pay off the right people (with our money)!