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Stolen Accounts Fraudulent Funds on Paypal

By Michael

Recently I invested in an online investment company that promised if I bought e-gold and sent it to them, I would receive US Dollars Via Paypal within 30 minutes at a substantial Percentage of What I invested.

Of course it sounded to good to be true, so I invested $50. True to their word, the online investment company funded my account with my original investment plus interest.

Since it worked and seemed legit (we even asked a lawyer and said it was perfectlly legal), we continued to invest in e-gold, give it to this company, and receive our investments back to Paypal. We continued this for about 8 days and then the bombed dropped.

One of the users claimed unauthorized use of account. Paypal immediately Held two transactions from this one user. Turns out that this User had never heard of me or e-gold, and this online company had hacked into this persons user account to pay me back my investment.

And it only gets worse, Paypal has put a temporary hold on ALL Payments I received from another user that payed me back my investments while it is under Investigation. Turns out that all Payments I received initially and subsequentally reinvested were all done fraudently and now I have a negative balance of -$2,853.97. Even worse, I cannot close my account or remove my banking information (I know how Paypal steals money) from the account because of a Negative Balance.

I have emailed them (got the standard form letter about Buyer/Seller Protection) I WAS NEITHER! and when calling their customer service line, one represenative said quote “You learned an expensive lession”!

If Paypal had protected its accounts better in the first place, questioned the first payment I received, then I would have never reinvested the fraudulent funds I am being held accountable for. Now my account information cannot be changed, or deleted, and I fear Ill be stuck with this this outrageous balance.

My last resort has to been to seek the advice of an attorney who told me to write them a letter and that they have to provide the burden of proof that I am responsible for these charges. I havent gotten any response yet, but looks like Paypal has yet screwed another vicitim.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:02 am


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One thought on “Stolen Accounts Fraudulent Funds on Paypal
  1. Nigel Harris on

    I sold an iPhone on Ebay and the “BUYER” paid with buy it now. All good – except I sent it to the address the buyer gave me instead of the address Paypal had on their email. Turns out Paypal had allowed the buyer to register a stolen credit card and a FAKE address, and even though Paypal had the thief’s real bank account attached to his paypal account, they did not take the money from him and instead allowed the payment to be chargedback by the card company without doing anything about it, and are now taking ME to court for not reimbursing THEM! Both Paypal and the credit card company are at fault yet they conspire to take the victim to Court – get the small guy. If they had checked this guys address they would have known he was a fraud, yet the credit card company ALLOWED the fraudster to CHANGE the address to a fake address – but that’s all OK….lets get the money from the small guy. Paypal and Ebay allow fraud to happen and NEVER report it to the police even when they know. THEY ARE COMPLICIT WITH ONLINE CRIME – DO NOT USE PAYPAL