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Suspended Without Reason

By Layne Gosnell And John Douglass


We’re sellers on Ebay and have set up an account with Paypal to accept payment. This afternoon(August 15, 2005) when we’re about to check the status of our withdrawal with our Paypal Account it says that the “Access is Limited” and at the same time Ebay Suspended our account without any further explanation. I have 113 feedback (100%) NO NEGATIVE, NO NEUTRAL. Anyway, Paypal has some of my money and customers money. Me and my fiend are working hard to sell online in order to feed our family and we consider ebay as our major source of income. Now this is what we got from them? We consider this circumstance as a big financial loss on  our part because we’re a penny pincher people(we’re poor). We invested whatever money we have in order to sell something online. Now it takes time before we can get a job  to support our family and pay our bills. Is there anybody who can help us???!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:31 am


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