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Suspicious Buyer Behavior

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have been a buyer/seller on Ebay since 2001 with no negative feedback. Recently, I listed several highend items on Ebay and they all sold. The total on these items was about $6700.00. I kept in constant contact with my buyers and gave all of them tracking numbers. The items sold on Sunday and on Tuesday I shipped them out. On Wedensday I had an email stating that more than more buyer reported suspisiouc behavior and my account was frozen. I had to send a ton of things to Paypal to sort it out.

I sent everything within 24hrs and then they asked for original purchase receipts of the items that I had sold. I was getting a little curious now. I made a comment about how odd I thought that several buyers had complained about me being suspicious, when the auctions had just ended. THe rep said, I don’t know why they said that, they are holding my account because they think I sold stolen stuff. They want me to give them my original purchase receipts.

I understand that alot of people use Ebay as a tool to send stolen goods back and forth. This is not the case, in my situation. Some of the items were gifts and other were purcahsed in local classifed ads months earlier, so I wouldn’t have receipts. THese itemes were purchased because my husband was going to start his own business. Then he lost his other job and things have just fallen apart.

We have literally about $50.00 left total. One of our cars has been repoed and no credit available left on our credit cards. I am also pregnant and we have a small child. We were counting on this money to help get us on our feet until one of his job interviews comes through.

After they frozen my account my husband did some investigatin and found out how Paypal does it business dealings. Some we are pretty sure that we won’t be getting our other car back and we will probably lose the car that we have. Not to mention the fact that we have to buy food and diapers for our child.

This all just happened within this past week. I have been so stressed since he lost his job and we were finally able to pay off storage and get our stuff out to sell it. Now we are back to square one.

I warned all of my buyers to beware of Paypal. About half of items already have feedback posted for them. Paypal also wanted all of the tracking number, which I provided and then they wanted to wait until everyone got their package.

I can’t wait, I sent out the items. I have nothing left to sell, but I wouldn’t sell it on Ebay, anyway.

When and if this ever gets resolved, I am closing my account and I will never use Ebay again.

I have been a huge advocate of Ebay for years. I got friends and family into it. I have given advice to strangers about it. Since Ebay and Paypal are in bed together then I guess there isn’t much I can do, but wait it out.

I just hope my husband get a new job in the mean time.

I needed a good rant, good luck to all!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:41 am


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