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The FBI And PayPal

By Steve

Hi , if your reading this you need some answers about what to do about paypal from ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET!!! Well I hope this sorts them out for you, GO TO FBI !!!!! Read on…. I had a chargeback AFTER the item was delivered, got all the usual guff you see in the other paypal storys, SO… SHORT CUT…….. go to the F.B.I.

I am in Australia BUT I can and did make a complaint with the Federal Police who then said to contact their good friends at the FBI, I did ,on the net, naming Brandon R from new mexico and PAYPAL!!! almost got imediate attention from paypal AND and had the chargeback REVERSED  by PAYPAL!!!.

Bottom line, go to the FBI on line. They have all the clout to take out these….. . TURKEYS!!! dont fuss with paypal or the local police , goto FBI ON LINE AND  MAKE THE COMPLAINT THERE!!

Best part is you can do this from ANY part of the world!!! Isn’t the internet fantastic!!!!!!!! good luck!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:48 am


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One thought on “The FBI And PayPal
  1. Jay Grossman on

    PAYPAL fails to act properly as 3rd Party in Transaction…sold car on Ebay/Paypal with $16,950 showing up in my PayPal account and then it “disappeared” with PayPal stating that they were unable to contact the Buyer. It looked like a Programmer(Former/Present) with Ebay/PayPal creating duplicate Website/Pages and an “inside job” to me. Their SYSTEM is totally CROOKED and I will pass the info I have on to the FBI for investigation to put an end to it.