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They Ripped Me Off

By Chris

Basically i sold a product. A minidisc player to be exact on ebay. The person who bought it sent me the money, and I then sent the minidisc player off to them in fully working order, like all of my family saw. (I even take a picture of things before i send them just to make sure).  But according to the seller sarah cotterhill, it arrived in mulitple pieces and complained that it was my fault. (Even though she refused to pay for any insurance for me sending it). She then complained to paypal and reversed all the balance, so that I lost £100, and she kept the player (which was then sold on ebay a week later ( I found it when seraching for a new one, she was selling it under the same name and even having the cheek of using the pictures i had iused to sell it and the description i had used exactly).

Then a week later I had another dispute saying that the minidisc player she had recieved had things missing. I told paypal that they had already reveresed the transfer, but Sarah Cotterhill said I was lying so they took another £100 out of my account, leaving me with less moeny than I started with and loosing roughly £100 plus the £100 of the minidsic player. When I complained to ebay and paypal about this they fobbed me off with generated emails and never got back to me.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:19 pm


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