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Those PayPal Thieves

By Terry

I made my first purchase on ebay over memorial day weekend, using pay pal and my American express at the insistance of the seller. This was a sizable purchase for me and I was using money given to my son as a gift with the stipulation that he have a hand held computer. I bid unsuccessfully within my budget several times and was thrilled to win A new unit for only $85 less than the gift. My purchase was confirmed the following day.

When my item didn’t arrive after 6 days, I contacted the seller who told me my money had been depostied and then withdrawn from his account. PayPal denied his charge but I was stuck without the money or the product for the 10 days of Paypal’s “investigation.

Six days into this alleged investigation, Ebay notifed me that the seller was being suspended and I should not send him any money!Too Late. In the end, I was credited $175.00 of my $283.00 dollars and basically told tough luck on my other $100 pluse dollars. I complaine to Am Ex and even filed a fraud report but american express is expecting me to pay the rest of this charge for a product I never recieved.I walk dogs for a living and i cannot afford thi. What else can I do. If there is a class action suit, I am in!I will NEVER let paaypal or ebay back in my life.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 9:40 am


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