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Had tracking number and proof of delivery and still lost dispute

I sold an item on ebay for the sum of 285$ US. Money was exchanged Via PayPal. The Item was shipped Via Canada Post on May 22 2012, Tracking # CC185981922CA. Item was delivered on July 5 2012. The Buyer Filed a dispute saying he never received the item. I then submitted proof of shipment to the buyer and to paypal. 3 – 4 weeks later The buyer then filed a claim. I then submitted more proof that the item was shipped and successfully delivered and can be traced on the canada post website. Paypal sided with the buyer and refunded the funds payed for the item due to there being no signature for item received on the canada post website. I contacted Paypal and asked them what i needed to do to prove that the item was delivered. Paypal told me to contact the postal service and get a proof of signature. I then contacted Canada post and opened an investigation (Canada post reference # 104677591). It took a little over 3 months for Canada Post to get me proof that the Buyer signed for the package. I faxed the proof of signature to Paypal to open an appeal. Paypal opened the appeal and once again sided with the buyer. I then contacted PayPal by phone and asked them to re-appeal and further review the information that i had faxed in. May I note that the documents that I received from Canada Post are legal documents that have the signature of the buyer proving that the buyer did receive the item. The appeal was opened again for further review but once again Paypal sided with the buyer. I phoned paypal again to find out why they won’t accept the legal evidence that I provided. Paypal could not give me a strait answer. I have tried and tried again to settle this case but PayPal is very difficult to deal with

Posted: January 18, 2013 at 5:36 pm


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2 thoughts on “Had tracking number and proof of delivery and still lost dispute
  1. River on

    If you keep using paypal this will happen again and again, even if you win the occasional dispute as a seller the buyer still have the option of filing a chargeback so it sucks because no matter what you do as a seller you will still be screwed if you sue paypal. Get a merchant account and none of this crap will happen. Paypal is where scammers and fraudsters prowl because it is just so easy to rip off honest sellers trying to earn a few extra $

  2. sam thompson on

    Im a power seller and a top rated seller I Refuse to ship to CANADA. I ship all over the world and never have any trouble except sales in Canada. Same BULLSHIT happened to me.