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Unfair PayPal Locked My Account And Kept My Thousands Of $$

By Bilal

I hope I could tell yall my story while keeping myself calm and sain, I have been doing ebay for 4 years, i had paypal account on my wife’s name (her name is english while my nam e is arabic). we were doing very niec last year $20k sales a month on ebay, and paypal didn’t say a word because it was in her name, but this year in 2004 we decided to do it in my name, we couldn’t get good enough merchandise in the beginning of the year,but finally it clicked and i started getting my nice merchandise in october. and I started doing great again but this time paypal was all over my “as**”, they limited my account so many times, everytime i called them i found that they have some doubts about my authenticity, and i was like ARE THESE PEOPLE NUTS???

so what, i need to change my name to “Toby” or something to be legitimate? I always have been a “VERIFIED” seller and i have faxed them (paypal) all my bank statements, and Paypal says that they have looked @ my credit report and decided that they don’t want to do business with me anymore, LAST TIME i checked, this country was FREE and no YOU will not tell me what i will buy and what i will not, it’s my life and my business and keep your stinky paypal attitude to yourself, these people are NUTS.. There is NOTHING wrong on my credit report, I have nice scores, and i owe mortgage payemnt, car payment and $6000 worth credit cards that i’m regularly paying every month, so i’m just too upset to hear from paypal that they saw my credit report without my permission or consent or anyting and decided that i was a fraud!! WTF ???

this paypal is nothing but whole bunch of idiots sitting together targetting simple people who wouldn’t bother pursuing paypal injustices, but i tell you what, i will drag paypal in every court within my reach and they will not only have to give me all my money and pennies but also LOST wages, grievances, hospital bills that i will go for therapy for etc etc.

I think one day they will mess with somebody high up and will be shut down, it’s better no to invest in them, they are very risky company, decievers do eventually fall into a pit that they dig for others, so I know paypal will go down one day because i totally believe that america is totally different then my origin country in this regard, i don’t think bribery will always bail paypal out, one day somebody may not get the bribery and paypal titanic will require a sad song but the only difference will be the singer will not be celine dion, rather it will be thousands of us ruined by paypal singing a happy song about this stupid inc who took our hard money and sat tight on it..

DO NOT DO business with Paypal.. Please give it a serious thought before doing so if you must have to..

I dug my own grave by dealing with paypal, don’t be like me and learn from me..

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:46 am


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