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Updating My Information

By David

While checking my e-mail, I noticed that I had an “Alert” from Paypal Intl. I thought this was funny, since I didn’t have an account with Paypal of anykind.  Since there had been numerous uses at different computers with numerous attempts at a password, they thought it was wise to inform me.


I was asked to update my banking information and my personal information. What I wasn’t asked to update was the form asking me to join there “fine” organization.  I understand that FINE as a discription on this site might tick you folks off, but Paypal has done nothing bad to me.  “I HAVE NEVER USED IT”.  I am a cash and carry kind-a-guy.  Yeah, that is a buzzword. What little cash I have I carry it with me.  I’m on disabillity and don’t even have a checking account.

My question is was this “alert” form a scam.  I couldn’t even get through to them to ask unless I joined the damn thing.  Well as far as “horror stories” go, I know this one wouldn’t even scare a baby, but I do know folks that use this service and I will surely inform them of what happened.  Good luck to you folks that have gotten hosed and I hope things work out for you.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:32 am


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