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Using Stolen Credit Cards

By Matthew Sides

I sold a item for 137 gbp and succesfully recieved funds and transfered to my account, goods were dispatched and all seemed well. 2 months later paypal help them selves to £132.00 from my account as i already paid the charges before and then send me an email telling me. when i called i find out that the transaction was made by a stolen credit card that they allowed to sign up and that the i was not entitled to the money claiming they had to refund the credit card company and that i am liable. i disputed this ofcourse as i was now £132 out of pocket with no simpothy, 30 days later i recieve a email telling me they will not be appealing this with the credit card company as i have insufficiant evidence of the sale etc, i supplied tracking info, copies of emails saying he sent funds via paypal and that he wanted asap for a upcoming birthday and many other comunications between buyer and seller along with all ebay and paypal invoices and reciepts etc. still this is not sufficiant.

whwn i called i am refused full names of customer care advisor, refused to speak with a senior manager or director, refused regestered office info at first, and even refused the name of the disputing credit card company. i am then told i have 120 days to pay this money into paypal or it will be passed to a debt collection agency at extra costs and i have also ben charged £7 for loosing my fight, i have now been given an appeal that i am told may take up to 75 days and expect to get nothing from this. i am ofcourse upset, i may not be a multinational multi million company and this may seem a small amount but i am sure many thousands of people have suffered alike, paypal claims it is secure but allows stolen credit cards to be enrolled i think without great checks knowing that insurers will cover and that moneys can be repossed by the click of a mouse doubling profits in the event of fraud, making fraud a good thing for buisiness.

i also knew a man who sold a car on ebay and was paid by paypal and the buyer collected the car then reported goods not recieved and paypal taken thousands of pounds from his account and refused to cover as he could not supply proof of postage or tracking number ( how many cars have stamps on and fit in the post ) he warned me about paypal but i thaught he was a 1 off, thousands of people are ripped of by this uncaring money laundering legal con company paypal and i advise all to  NEVER TRUST PAYPAL.. if anyone works for a uk newspaper of magazine and wants to stir this up email me anytime and il be happy to help.  matthewsides@tesco.net

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:39 am


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