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Virus Alert

By Nicole

I received an email from pay pal that said they had succesfully billed my credit card for $175. I have no idea what it is from. It was sent to my college e mail and i have never purchased anything using it. It also says not to reply to the email address because it is automated. When i clicked on the link it sent me to a search page because the link doesnt exist. Do you have any info or advice? Thank you


If you see this email below, DO NOT click on the link.
Just delete the email from your mailbox.

“Congratulations! PayPal has successfully charged $175 to your credit card. Your order tracking number is A866DEC0, and your item will be shipped within three business days.

To see details please click this link.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE VIA EMAIL! This email is being sent by an automated message system and the reply will not be received.”

Thank you for using PayPal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 4:51 am


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