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Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Today in the first hours of this day, February 15th, I registered as a member of eBay, and also of PayPal. I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a chore to register with Pay Pal,they even tried to obtain my bank acount number with the phrase. “Show your reputation to others”. When I saw what they wanted,I closed the page immediately.I thoughtof that as a serious intromission  and violation to my privacy without giving a prior request.  I bought six die-cast model planes from different makers from a store that seems a garage one, its name is Peewee Aircraft, its owner is Norm Harris. The address is:

Norm Harris
24266 143rd Ave Se
Kent, Wa.   98042

In the description of the planes,accompanied by a photo, Harris says he’s trying to “earn some money for my son’s college, so I prefer to ship on Saturdays when my son is here” Pay Pal strips the people with excessive shipping costs associated with eBay, sometimes paying $6.00 or more for a 3.5 inch die-cast plane, additional of the price of the merchant. I ordered six planes totalling the order from Peewee a.k.a. Norm Harris $159.36.

I wrote Mr Harris two e-mails. In the first he answers me jokingly the following: “Did Pay Pal ever come online again?”  I got very angry and upset of the answer.I’m a handicapped person suffering from major depression for life and diabetes, I noted him that I’m handicapped, he answered in the second e-mail the following: Now he”suggests” me to pay for the planes,that range from 3 inches to 5.5 inches,$159.36, shipping & handling free, and by money order.  What guarantee I have that I will receive my order? Harris says “The total amount is $159.36 payable via money order. The credit card is accepted via Pay Pal. In light of your problem with paypal I suggest that you mail the money to me at. “

And then he gives his address, but NOT his phone number. Can you tell me of the reputation of Peewee Aircraft,how I can proceed with Mr. Harris demanding from him a written guarantee that the order will be delivered and the money not stolen or I can be swindled by Peewee Aircraft? eBay sent in their first notification  after making me to click on a button named “commit” and sent me a message saying “you committed to buy the following merchandise from Peewee Aircraft…” If I pay via Pay Pal, the $159.36 soars to $189.36.

Fortunately, Pay Pal is a thief and a swindler and never appears… but you appeared as a saviour to me. PLEASE orient me how to proceed with Peewee Aircraft,their reputation if they are honest or not, and eBay, so you can help me to avoid harassment, coercion,threats or some form of obliging me to buy the merchandise from a merchant that smells fraudulent, what I must tell him in order  to buy -if possible- the merchandise I ordered and how I can have in hand a  written guarantee that he will send the merchandise.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:41 am


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