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Won dispute but lost chargeback

Buyer hires me to do whiteboard animation video…digital product. Pays 50% down.

I work on the video and submit rough draft. Buyer replies w/numerous changes. I reply w/request to clarify 3-4 items. Buyer waits 9 days to reply.

I continue work on video challenged by several unforeseen things. Notify buyer 5 days prior that video will be completed 11/2/2015.

Buyer never replies.

11/2, 8am: I open email to find msg from PayPal that buyer wants refund for item not rec’d. No other communication from buyer. PayPal holds funds, puts my acct in negative.

I make attempts to resolve. Buyer ignores.

I begin submitting evidence. 3 days later PayPal rules in my favor, since digital products are not covered under buyer’s protection.

Acct returns to zero.

A few weeks later, buyer files charge back. PayPal holds funds again, acct back in hole…$274.50(50% deposit) plus $20 more for charge back.

I submit previous evidence & more to PayPal, who promises to contest dispute in my behalf.

2 months later PayPal sends msg that buyer’s card issuer ruled in buyer’s favor, but “encourages” me to contact buyer for resolution.

PayPal sends annoying reminders about neg balance, ignores most messages but when they reply, it’s generic.

Believe it or not that’s the short version. I can’t move fwd with my business, and I can’t close the account until it’s back to zero.

The way I see it PayPal owes me $550. That’s what I was going to earn for the job. The buyer lied & deceived and got away with robbery. PayPal is his accomplice.

I’ll do anything legal AND ethical to teach them a lesson.

Posted: February 6, 2015 at 8:15 pm


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One thought on “Won dispute but lost chargeback
  1. Jess on

    The same thing has happened to me. Have you been able to resolve anything?