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10 years, 6400 good feedback and PayPal treated me like crap.

I have been selling on e-bay and using Pay Pal right with it. I have 6400 very good feedback. I sold a customer a commercial freezer in Dec,15th 2014. A month and a half later he complained it was not working. He took it to his restaurant and never plugged it in for 1 and a half months? BULL CRAP!
I paid for a service guy to look at it at a cost of $150.00 which i paid out of my own pocket. He sent me pictures of something underneath that was smashed in. It could not possibly been like that when it left our building because it ran so good.
Buyer sent a complaint to E-Bay and filed against me under the Resolution center. His claim was denied for 2 times and the third time it was granted. He could return this item that was sold for $2450.00. He returned it and it was completely torn up terribly. I was going to refuse it. They said get it and leave in our shop until we got a 3rd party refrigeration service to look at it and then send to Pay Pal which i did. The estimate was $2860.00.
I get a notice that they were giving the buyer the return of the money? WHAT? I appealed it 6 times and this last one said if i sent them any more evidence or correspondence that they were going to completely avoid them and not look at them. They told me before, that if i lost the claim which every agent said besides the adjusters i could not because the rules in Pay Pal say it has to be returned or money given to the seller. They will no longer talk to me. I also was informed if any money would be taken out of my account, it would be taken out 3 or 4 days after the decision..
My computer sent me a message that someone was sending an emergency notice.I went into my Pay Pal account and i was in the hole $2300.00 dollars. Obviously they lied. A couple of hours later my account was blocked and i could not get in. I had sold some items and i guess PayPal was taking my money.

This whole thing that i just posted is absolutely true. TEN YEARS with these ASS HOLES and they treat me like crap. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RULE THAT THE RETURNED ITEM MUST BE IN THE SAME CONDITION THAT IT WAS SENT BY SELLER?? THESE GUYS ARE TERRIBLE AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR SO CALLED CUSTOMER. IF YOU ARE NEW I WOULD NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE IDIOTS, GET ANOTHER SOURCE. Of course E-Bay owns Pay Pal so you don’t have a chance. I don’t know what to do about this right now, but i am removing all my listings from E-Bay. looks to me that they don’t care if i sell or not. UNBELIEVABLE!!! They probably put me out of business with 6400 feedback. By the way i am almost 70 and me and my wife are on Social Security so i have no extra money. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN FORCE THEM INTO TREATING ME RIGHT ON THIS terrible situation, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.I feel like a guy on trial for doing something real bad, and they would not let me do or say anything and i am sent to PRISON WITH A DEATH SENTENCE. PAY PAL SUCKS REAL BAD!!!!

Posted: March 30, 2015 at 7:49 pm


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