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$350!! in NSF fees Thanks to PayPal

So these past couple weeks I made ten $20 paypal transfers to my brother in the UK. I chose my credit card each time and it validated the payment. A few days ago while browsing my email I see an email from my bank. I don’t usually read those because they usually say the same thing “Your bank account balance has fallen below $25 bla bla bla…”. It was a checking account I hadn’t used in a while but was linked to my PayPal. I check my account balance and I’m at -394!!! I called PayPal and asked wtf was going on. They told me I had been using my bank account to make the payments and since my account was overdrawn I was charged NSF fees. This happened 10 times. 10 fucking times. Now, I’m no moron. I selected “card ending in XXXX”. I wouldn’t select “bank account XXXX” knowing I have no money in there. Oddly enough, my credit card was billed for the payments! So all the fees I had on my account were NSF fees.
PayPal tried to convince me it was my fault, not their defective system. I call my bank and they refused to waive the fees claiming it’s PayPal’s fault and they should pay. We all know that wasn’t about to happen. So there I was stuck with a huge bill on my account. A while later I went to the nearest agency and tried to reason with an associate. She ended up getting the fees waived and I went away happy.

Morale of the story: Don’t link your paypal to your bank account. I’ve removed my bank account and never looked back since.

Posted: July 31, 2014 at 6:53 pm


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One thought on “$350!! in NSF fees Thanks to PayPal
  1. Sabrina Belton on

    PayPal stole 350$ from me!! I sold something and the address THEY PROVIDED WAS NOT SUFFICENT ENOUGH TO HAVE THE PACKAGE DELIVERED SO IT WAS RETURNED TO ME AFTER 30 days & no item was there!!! They have NO RIGHT TO GO INTO ANY ACCOUNT THAT’S NOT THEIRS AND TAKE MONEY THAT DON’T BELONG TO THEM!! I was covered under “sellers protection” & they didn’t honor that!! I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK I DON’T CARE WHAT IT TAKES!!! I didn’t steal from u and I won’t allow you to steal from Me!!! you have NO ETHICS & are shady as hell!! Unprofessional! Liars theives and LISTEN TO THESE RECORDED CALLS…,EHERE INWAS PROMISED A REFUND! Covered under sellers protection!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL!!!!