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6 years after dispute Paypal tries to collect

In November/December of 2006 (SIX YEARS AGO), I sold a vintage acoustic Epiphone guitar via eBay, and used PayPal as the financial 3rd party. Upon the auction’s close, I HAND DELIVERED the guitar to the buyer (2 hours away!!). All seemed well, we processed payment, and went about our business. Some time down the road, I attempt to log in to my PayPal account. It’s locked. “That’s odd..” I thought. I contacted PayPal, and they notified me that it was locked due to a dispute with a buyer. I requested info be sent to my e-mail, and also mailed to me via snail mail. Nothing ever arrived. I needed to use PayPal for something soon, so I opened a new account using my current e-mail address, and continued with life. I never received a response, and soon forgot about my old account. 6 years later, I get a notice that I owe PayPal $200 due to an unresolved dispute that I didn’t “respond” to. Now they have “limited” my account, and I can’t process any payments using PayPal. I’m sick of these assholes! I feel like I’ve been cheated by both the idiot guy who bought my EXPENSIVE guitar (he got it at a bargain, btw), AND PayPal. Come to find out the  buyer claimed it was in “worse shape than described”, although I put in my description SOLD AS IS, and the guitar was in fantastic condition. What a scam.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 3:58 pm


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4 thoughts on “6 years after dispute Paypal tries to collect
  1. Telly on

    Far too many people use paypal to scam others and it seems like paypal does little to nothing to stop this. And for them to come after you six years later us absolutely absurd. THey ignored you six years ago when you were ready to deal with it and now out of the blue they limit your account. Any chance you had a higher amount of money in your account. I sometimes get the feeling that Paypal will wait until you get a lot of money in your account and then limit it so they can earn more interest on your money.

  2. Ryan Dietz on

    Man sorry to hear about that bro. I had some fuckface buyer screw me over while using paypal as well. It was over some custom pieces of blown glass I make. Apparently the “quality” of the item wasnt up to par. The jerkoffs at paypal refunded the buyers money dispite my CLEAR refund policy. Since then I’ve done some some research and it looks like I’m going to move towards the direction of a merchant account. From what I understand if a customer files a dispute with their credit card company they have a team who goes to bat for you. Much better than Paypal in my eyes!

  3. Steve on

    I had 1 dispute with a customer who bought a old lamp from me. Paypal sided with the merchant which i was never made aware of for over 6 months(although they claimed to have sent me a few emails on). I also advised that I was selling the lamp as is and they buyer was not happy with the condition. Paypal says I owe them the $150 for the lamp. I’m not giving them a DIME of my money. they can go screw themselves. They are a bunch of scam artists!

  4. gail on

    oi after a 5 year period you don’t owe them any money. Look it up as obviously laws vary but i am sure you no longer have to pay :)