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Lost chargeback to fraudster

I had sold $3000 Worth of product, and using the Paypal CreditCard (request for payment)…sent this product to a customer.

About 2 months after, Paypal sent an email informing us that the customer filed a complaint with his credit card co., and was asking for the money back.

After numerous discussions with Paypal, and Volumes of back up documents we sent to Paypal to fight this with the Credit Card company……
including a signed proforma Invoice by the customer, photos of the product before shipping, and photos after packing on pallet, and many email exchanges with the customer….all showing proof of legitimacy for our product and the transaction….to no Avail, the credit card company sided with their customer (our customer).

So…since the funds in the account we are already transfer’d over and the account had minimal funds, the account has a 3,000 usd Debit.

On top of that, I cannot get the merchandise back.

I have since closed all bank related accounts to the paypal, and they even went and seized the funds in my wife’s separate paypal account, since my name was on it.

Now i receive a collection Notice from American Coradius Intl.

HELP !!!!! This is clearly Credit Card Fraud, by the customer lodging a bogus complaint. Currently Paypal is out the money, but im concerned what it could do to my good credit standings.

Any Advice from Anyone would be most appreciated.

Posted: February 20, 2015 at 9:03 pm


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2 thoughts on “Lost chargeback to fraudster
  1. belle on

    hello just wanted to say i am going through the exact same thing as you mine was less money around $300.00 more so after stop payment fees, i was to in debt with paypal and had to pay them back the customer frauders money stolen MY Money!, and my goods were lost. it has been some months since then but i am still fighting, i reported them to the internet crime unit, am in the mitts of making a police report and will resume to a small claims court if needed be. and ebay allows them to continue being members!

  2. Jess on

    The same thing happened to me. I’m trying to make payments to them each month. This last time they said they are not a company that will allow you to make payments and they will have to report to the credit people…. I don’t want my credit ruined. Have you figured anything out? Help please..