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I can not access my PayPal account

I run an online store and an ebay store, and recently out of the blue my paypal account was limited, to my shock, they wouldn’t give me a reason, and are unwilling to give me access to it any longer, I have contacted them on several occasions, and have had no luck, i’ve read online that there are lots of other people who have had the same problem and it affectively ruined my life, i am out of work at the moment due to it, as it was my living, i may have to move out of where i am living, Paypal are one of the worst companies online, they are also one of the biggest unfortunately, and so is ebay and people need to step up and face reality and there needs to be an alternative to paypal for ebay because people will eventually see the truth, it needs to be seen what really goes on, which among other things is that take their percentage of fees out of payments which includes postage and packaging which most people probably dont know about which shouldn’t be allowed thats for postage, not for paypal, right? and they ban you for no reason and ask you to appeal then when they do they shoot you down without reason, it makes no sense. I want some justification for what they have done to me!

Posted: May 23, 2012 at 2:47 pm


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6 thoughts on “I can not access my PayPal account
  1. Mike R on

    PayPal out of the clear blue limited my account access as well too. They suck no ifs ands or buts about it!! The hold your account and your funds hostage and don’t tell you jack shit. I didn’t realize this kind of crap happened all the time to so many people until it happened to me and I started looking for help or answeres and found all the big problems with PayPal. Wish I would have looked into this before I opened a damn paypal account that has been nothing but trouble to me now.

  2. Justin Daily on

    PayPal hide behind their user agreement put together by a team of of corporate scum (lawyers). You basically sign all your rights away for any help or protection when you sign up with PayPal. I wish people would read it before they sign up so they know what they are getting themselves in to but I understand why people don’t, I didn’t read it until it was too late for me and there was nothing I could do.

  3. ed clarke on

    Thats paypal for you. Limits your account and makes it hard for you to earn a living without giving you any explanation. how are we as people suppose to grow our business if they put limitations on everything.

  4. Stuart on

    this is how they screw you with putting limitations. how are you suppose to run a successful business with them constantly putting limitations on everything! This is why I left them a few mths ago and went with a real company. I have been so happy without paypal in my life. try checking it out for yourself http://www.merchantinc.com

  5. Steven on

    I love how they shut you down but will not give you a reason as to why. This is why I refuse to use them anymore. I had my account limited then they too it off and 30 days later limited me again. Screw paypal. I went with a real merchant company and it has been a breeze! http://www.merchantinc.com

  6. sarah on

    I have to addresses,no matter wich address I use the paypal will not except my password, I did not change my pass word and I did not forget it,However paypal is giving me a lot of grief.I tried to find a phone number,no such thing.so please get back with me or I will cancel doing bussiness with you. thank you.sarah