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Account frozen due to uncharacteristic activity

PayPal notified me on 1/7/14 they were freezing my account due to uncharacteristic activity. 33 trans @ $100 ea for Starbucks Coffee. I confirmed that indeed I did not authorize these transactions. Checked my Bank and no actions had been placed, That night the transactions went through. PayPal had been notified and no action was taken. I filed a dispute, PayPal agreed i did not authorize and reversed the transactions or so they said. I had warned my bank so they refused payment. On 1/14/14 I was advised via email the transactions were rejected due to NSF. This case is closed and reversed. I contact PayPal again, I’m assured this case is closed. 1/15/14, it goes through my bank AGAIN. I contact PayPal .After numerous transfers I finally get an explanation that when PayPal gets a NSF it is automatically redeposited and that since it’s now a bank transaction it cannot be stopped until the transaction runs its course. Meanwhile I’ve got $3300 of unauthorized drafts sending my account seriously overdrawn. My banks hands are tied cause they are bound by banking laws and it has to run its course. I had to sign an affidavit today so my banks Security team can look into helping. I closed all my accounts and had to open new ones. Until this is resolved I cant touch my money and I am broke. I still don’t get why Paypal froze my account doe to uncharacteristic activity yet proceeded with processing the transactions.

Posted: January 17, 2014 at 7:11 pm


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One thought on “Account frozen due to uncharacteristic activity
  1. Jessie brem on

    I paid 75.00 dollars to a friend on facebook for a radio
    With my payapl account right after i did that paypal stole the money back from the seller and then they open a case and when the seller called
    Paypal they told him i did it. I DID NOT OPEN NO CASE. After i call paypal and ask them why they did that they said that i cant use Paypal and closed my account keep 300 dollars that was in my account this is bull shit paypal i want
    My money back