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Can’t use my account

I am having trouble using my PayPal account. I cannot use it anymore for any purchases. Sometime this spring I had an order that I purchased with PayPal and it did not get paid, so about a month ago I got a letter from Oriental Trading saying I owed them $44.99 and it was for a purchase I had made with my PayPal account in April. I had just figured that it had been paid. I don’t know if that is the reason or not. I sent a check to Oriental Trading for the amount owed, but just wondered why PayPal did not pay. I looked back and it was on one of the statements as pending, then my computer went into the shop for a couple of weeks, and I forgot about it, just assumed it was all taken care of. Now, I can’t use my credit cards or Pay Pal to purchase anything and I pay the balance of my credit cards at the end of each month, so I know I don’t have an overdue balance. What is going on with that? I really liked using PayPal for shopping because it was so easy and I like to shop of Ebay, but have not done so since this all has happened.

Posted: August 7, 2012 at 3:19 pm


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3 thoughts on “Can’t use my account
  1. lopes on

    why would you want to keep using paypal if they are giving you problems? Basically paypal took $50 without any explanation from you. You are much safer shopping online with a credit card.
    What is stopping paypal from doing this again to you? Nothing.

  2. Ronald Marsh on

    Why would you want to continue using them after they screwed you like this? I sure wouldn’t use them. You much better off shopping online using a personal credit card. If they have done this once what makes you think they wouldn’t do it again. I can almost guarantee it will happen again

  3. sean barr on

    BTW you need to understand that paypal is like a serious viral plague… BUT as far as just wanting the convenience of sending some quick payment for something you just got on ebay, you can open 100 different paypal account a day and do everyone under a differnt name and it is easy as pie!! I continually open new accounts and try real hard to screw them up in the process!! I always try to get my sellers to cancel tjhe transactions and finish them privately!! I will continue to be willing to trust sellers and try to save them their fees but many are scared children and it sickens me!!