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Accused of “Money Laundering” when I sent money to my daughter

After only 24 transactions, all of which were paid for immediately with my Master Card Credit Card, my paypal account was frozen..They said I had exceeded a preordained spending limit, and in order to get “VERIFIED” I had to give them a BANK CARD so they could make 2 little downloads to verify that I am me! They any transaction would be done thru my Bank Card…Uh Uh There is nothing wrong with my Master Card, that is what I use, not my Bank Of American Checking card. Long story short I cannot no longer use either ebay nor paypal because I wouldn’t bend over for them to use my Bank Card. Oh yeah, I had sent $700 to my daughter thru paypal, for something she needed to do. The transaction went thru, one day later badaboom, by account went.. When I asked why, they basically told me they thought that I was “Money Laundering” Stop freaking laughing, it ain’t funny!

Posted: March 21, 2013 at 6:03 pm


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One thought on “Accused of “Money Laundering” when I sent money to my daughter
  1. Courteney Prentice on

    Don’t even have a Paypal account but I am $400 out of pockets.
    someone has got my debit card details and done a ‘donation’ to themselves over Easter.
    Have had to cancel the card and spend hours on the phone – only to find that Paypal has let the exact same transaction go through again (despite to card being closed and a fraud case pending).
    I got the there is nothing we can do yet I understand how frustrating this is. 7 – 10 days before we can even think about returning your money (as they need to give the other party a chance to respond).
    They can’t get away with allowing fraud to happen and holding money to ransom – while I am out of pocket – have no access to my account and only the money in my purse.
    Paypal – I agree – do not go near them and they need to be accountable.