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Added new email to paypal account and got limited

They limited my account and blocking two credit cards because I added new email ID to the account, tried to perform transaction when there was not enough money on one account, asking me trillion times to change my password, security questions, uploaded my ID card, copy of telephone bill and still have to wait Monday (working days) to try to resolve it. Anything and everything to do with eBay and PayPal is made so complicated. If I can’t change my email address then don’t have it as an option. Paypal is supposed to be providing me with a service, that’s why I pay them all the fees, but instead I get nothing but problems.

In the meantime I paid via WesternUnion, waiting to resolve my issues and CLOSE PayPal account once and for ever.

Posted: August 28, 2012 at 2:57 pm


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One thought on “Added new email to paypal account and got limited
  1. hans on

    YOu can have up to 8 email addresses linked to your paypal account so why in the world would paypal limit your account for adding a new email address? Then again it’s paypal and they can do wherever the f**k they want apparently. Have you ever used the email address you added with another paypal account? That may be why. Or they have some other reason they won’t give you. Take your money and run….once you can.