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Another Paypal Horror Story

By Riva

I am so…. happy I found this website. I was actually searching for some governing body to make a formal complaint against PayPal. Here is my story:

Sold a pair of sunglasses to some Ebayer in USA. She ‘loved the sunnies because her sister bought a similar fake pair in USA’. Actually, she placed a bid, asked a few questions and later she took them off the auction as the ‘highest bidder’. Paid using PayPal, and received the sunglasses. The article was described correctly, but for some reason the buyer asumed that ‘shiny gold’ is ‘bronze’ , and insisted on returning. I am in Australia, and I did not agree to receive back a perfect item. Also, I’ve explained that CD did not make this style in bronze at all, and suggested she should sell it on Ebay.

A week later I received a chargeback notice from PayPal (goods received not as described) whereby they asked me to respond with relative information within 72 hours. I responded to their email, but it kept coming back as ‘undelivered’. Eventually, I succeeded, and also send information using their famous webform. Whatever money was in my Paypal account disapeared, plus $10 charge, and my account fall into a negative balance. I checked the status a few days later, but it did not change – ‘awaiting response from seller’. I called PayPal from Melbourne to confirm that the information was received, and they also agreed that the item was described correctly.

Then I’ve submitted some additional information copies of emails between myself and the buyer. They aknowledged the recept of info., and promissed to ‘investigate’. A week later I received an email regarding a chargeback, and demand to put money in the PayPal account within 180 days, while they will be investigating/disputing within 75 days. I requested the name of the credit card, and said I will handle this myself – no response.

Called again, was kept waiting for 25 minutes while they transfered me to somebody with an errogant, robotic approach. Felt sick for a couple of days. A also explained to them that their behaviour is promoting theft and fraud since the buyer didn’t even make an attempt to return the goods. 2 weeks later I received an email explaining that the info. they received wasn’t send via a ‘secure webform’, and they would not be able to help me.

Tried a few times to get to the webform, but PayPal would not accept my password. The message ‘forgot your password’ came up, and I pressed the button in frustration. This was 2am in Melbourne. Eventually managed to restore the password, forwarded the info. again and also faxed it to them. A week later got the same message that they’ve been disputing with the credit card (what card?), cann’t promise, but would like me to put money into their account. Sorry, if it gets boring…

Ha.. Ha.. today I’ve received an email from PayPal that the buyer sent the sunglasses to PayPal(would you beleive it)? Paypal wants me to put the money into my account, pay for shipping the sunglasses to me using the most expensive methods, and then they will return the sunglasses to me. I emailed them again, that I found all this very confusing. They replied that because I am in Australia, I don’t have buyers protection, and they are still disputing the charge back with the credit card. Sounds like some mafia story.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:04 am


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One thought on “Another Paypal Horror Story
  1. Hawser on

    Is it safe to make a payment request from someone?

    I am selling a boat but the buyer seems to be in unreasonable haste. He hasnt asked any questions at all, a bit odd.

    he has asked me to make a payment request. PayPal say they never reveal my bank details to anyone but is there any scam that someone , with my PayPal details, can take money from me? I am a new user but this web site may mean I won’t be in future.
    Thanks for a prompt response.