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Anti money laundering policy certainly benefits PayPal

I recently sold couple of pokemon games on ebay and they worth considerable amounts of money totaling of $1000. Now currently my paypal account is being limited because of their anti money laundring policy. I have spoken to them several times and their customer service is appaling and couldnt even help in removing the limitations after all the necessary documentations have been forwarded across to them. Why bother sending in all the documentation if they will not even review it? The staff preety much said theres nothing we can do and theres to much risk and they planning on parting ways. I don’t understand what the risk is, I have had no disputes or chargebacks and only have positive feedback from the buyers that do leave feedback. What else chould I possible do? Its an utter joke. I have made a formal complaint to the australian financial ombudsman and the ACCC to recoup my funds

Posted: September 27, 2012 at 2:51 pm


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One thought on “Anti money laundering policy certainly benefits PayPal
  1. Antoawn on

    All policies paypal has in place is for them to make more money. They claim to offer buyer and seller protection when in fact all it is is PayPal protection. When they are “reviewing to see if you are eligible” for the protection all they do is checking to see how they stand to make the most money on the transaction in question. Not what’s fair.