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Banned from Paypal for helping a friend

Being an independent contractor, many of the companies I do work for paid via paypal. I also sort of used my account to receive funds for friends who couldn’t otherwise withdraw the funds from their own accounts and then wire them the money. Well it seemed that paypal was checking out one of the other persons’ account and decided there was some fraud with that account so paypal decided to return the funds to the persons then limited account and thus putting my account nearly $200 in the red and then totally banning my account from receiving and sending money. Then they contact me and want me to pay them back for their policy of returning funds to the other party’s limited account. When I tried to appeal to lift the ban they absolutely refused to do it. Oh well for them. Because one thing is for sure; I am not paying a dime to paypal!

Posted: June 26, 2012 at 2:31 pm


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4 thoughts on “Banned from Paypal for helping a friend
  1. paypalhater101 on

    I wouldn’t pay them shit. They took the money back at there own discretion so why should you have to pay them back? Screw that shit. I would unlink any accounts I have tied to paypal and run for the hills before they take the money from you anyways. Trust me they will. They are thieves. Steel from the poor to make themselves rich

  2. taylor man on

    No good deed goes unpunished and certainly not by paypal. If you are sending or receiving money to and from paypal accounts that are not in the best of standings with paypal you are asking for trouble. With paypal you are guilty by association even if you have done nothing wrong. Paypal is known to shut down entire families that use paypal if just one of them violates the user agreement. I wouldn’t pay them either since there is no way for you to reinstate your account…but on second thought why would you want to after what paypal did to you.

  3. Lindy Mains on

    I wouldn’t pay them a dime either! I don’t think paypal is ever the way to go. I had two accounts, one for personal use and the other for business. I pulled both from paypal after they mixed up deposits because my name was listed as owner on both. I was under the impression that different bank account, email address, and credit cards were a requirement for a reason but I guess not. They apologized for the error but took too long to fix it.

  4. VS 2012 on

    I had something similar happen to my paypal account. I wouldn’t pay them back a red cent either! Being negative all that money may not seem like a whole lot to them but it sure as hell is a lot to people like us who bust our balls trying to make ends meet. I made the mistake of going back to paypal once after they screwed me over. I sure as heck wont ever do that again. My money sat in limbo for almost four months before the funds were released, I was assured it would never happen again. HA! Six months later I logged into my account and saw negative $22.50, after fees accruing and overdrafts adding it I ended up with -$102.96, none of which I ever paid them back for.