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You basically can’t travel if you use PayPal.

I travel between the UK and US often since I am trying to establish myself in the UK officially. While I am here I am residing with family so I have to use my accounts to pay for things and my Paypal credit (which is available now, was bill me later) Is what I have used for a few years. Most secure for me. Well, I always use ebay and that is where I do a lot of shopping. I recently purchased something (agreed to pay) and paypal froze my acct.
Now I have been going back and forth with the seller and they were very patient, all week. I have also called Paypal at least 3 times while here and the call alone is going to be a fortune. I went through every security check with them, deleted cookies, logged out, restarted, etc. I even went through some multiple choice security questions, and sent in personal info JPG. Still NOTHING!!
I am now waiting for an email that is supposed to some how tell me IF my acct will be opened or remain closed. They gave me no reason…Only that I am traveling so security is heavy. Oh, I also did that travel security thing too, where you add when you will be traveling and how long.. acct still frozen. Anyway.. I don’t know what the out come will be, but IF they say it will remain closed, I will now have to fight ebay and the seller to prove what paypal has done to me.
I asked paypal what would they do to help me get out of the agree to pay on ebay IF my acct remains closed, they said they cant help.. I’d have to just use another method of payment. I am pissed!!! because that was my preferred payment method that is supposed to be guaranteed . Now I wait to see what happens and I pray that I will get out of this. BUT I tell you this, after this issue, I will pay off my paypal credit and never use it again. I will cancel it and try and find another option.. or just go back to plain old credit card or debit usage.

Posted: October 31, 2014 at 4:53 pm


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One thought on “You basically can’t travel if you use PayPal.
  1. Brian Wall on

    I am a UK citizen currently living in Spain. I have UK and Spanish bank accounts. Three major American computer companies find this impossible to manage. They are Adobe, eBay and Paypal.

    I started off registered on these sites from the UK. But trying to use my accounts when in Spain, or use a UK bank card registered to a Spanish address throws them into a hissy fit. All three told me to register again in Spain. This is ridiculous. It is their problem not mine and to force a client to jump through hoops is bad customer relations. Furthermore when I DID register, they helpfully showed me their sites in Spanish! I don’t read Spanish.And their sites don’t offer the simple solution of choosing my language.

    Further more, trying to log onto their websites from a different computer or location throws them into a ridiculous security panic. Their fear of being sued results in them invoking security measures that actively interfere with the freedom of their customers. Their security measures throw the baby out with the bathwater and make life almost impossible for modern people who are mobile and travel freely around the EU just like Americans move freely and unhindered around the states in America. Do they get this hassle? Of course not! But America doesn’t understand that the outside world operates differently to their country. Yet all three companies have European divisions so why these problems? Are they staffed with hillbilly Americans?

    Little wonder America has such a bad reputation around the world. Americans – at least those who ever look outside their immediate little world – wonder why the whole world seems to hate them. Well folks, this is just one tiny example of why.