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Blocked from PayPal

Several years ago I had a business Paypal account that got in the rears. I filed bankruptcy. But fucking Paypal doesn’t seem to give a shit. Every time I open a Paypal account (personal or work related) it finds that old account and freezes any and all transactions until I pay that $450.34. Fuck them, I filed bankruptcy yet they still keep me from moving forward. This was 11 years ago!!! Out of principle I absolutely WILL NOT pay them. Believe it or not, this isn’t the whole story. Whenever I use a credit card (work or personal) to make a purchase through Paypal after a couple days it grabs it and associates it with that old account. WHAT? Yep. Then I can’t make ANY purchases because it says it’s apart of another Paypal account. First off, this is the most ridiculous policy I’ve ever heard of. You mean I can’t use my credit card on my Paypal account and make a normal purchase with using Paypal? FUCK NO. They hold it you have to deposit funds into your Paypal account and use it. I’ve had it! I have decided as of today : NO MORE PAYPAL or ANY SUBSIDIARIES WILL EVER SEE A PENNY OF MY MONEY AGAIN. So for those stores that use Paypal only, get your head out of the sand and use some of the alternatives. There are so many alternatives: Stripe, Authorize, WePay. WePay for example actually lets you process everything on your site. Personally, I haven’t used WePay but I have Authorize. I use it exclusively for my work websites. Bottom line, I am fed up. As soon as I decided to get vocal I immediately found this website. So I’m board guys and gals. I am a website developer, multimedia artist and songwriter so if you’re recruiting soldiers for the cause…WHERE DO I SIGN UP???

Posted: February 17, 2015 at 8:04 pm


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One thought on “Blocked from PayPal
  1. Rich on

    Did you include the paypal debt in the bankruptcy? If so, was the debt discharged?
    If not, you owe the money. If it was put into collection, there are some laws regarding collections. Eventually, the go away. However, if you inquire about or make any associated activity, the time clock starts all over. Just have a lawyer send them a cease and desist letter, if it was in the bankruptcy. A bankruptcy and discharge are tantamount to a court order. Does the item appear on your credit report? After 7 years it should be dropped, 10yrs if bankruptcy if I remember correctly