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Buyer filed chargeback and Paypal said they would help me fight it (they did not)

I sold a coin on eBay for $1000. The buyer sent me a message through eBay requesting that the item be shipped to a different address and was adding $30 to the PayPal payment to cover the additional shipping expense. I was leary and paid extra through UPS to verify shipping receipt. I watched the tracking and saw that the item was delivered. About a week later the buyer contacted me to tell me that he still had not received the item. I gave him the tracking info to prove that it was. The next day he filed a credit card chargeback saying he never approved the transaction. I kept and submitted all the communications both through eBay and through email that proved that he was lying. PayPal said that I was not covered under their “Seller Protection Plan” because I shipped the item to a non-approved address, but they would “help me” fight the chargeback through the credit card company. I was told that I could not contact them directly as that was against their privacy policy, but would let me know the verdict soon. In the meantime, the charges were filed back against my account and account was frozen. As expected, the credit card company sided with their customer despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. Now PayPal is threatening to send me to the collection agency if I do not pay them back. Judge, Jury, & Executioner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a PayPal employee scamming me.

Posted: August 9, 2013 at 4:45 pm


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One thought on “Buyer filed chargeback and Paypal said they would help me fight it (they did not)
  1. Sharon Camp on

    I sold a military item to a buyer in France. He claimed he never received the item. I provided Paypal with shipping information and proof of receipt signed by buyer. Paypal refunded his money and he kept the item I no longer use paypal. I would rather keep an item than use Ebay or Paypal. Just a huge enterprise out to steal our money whenever they can