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Buyer Protection Allows Fraud

By Simon

I’ve over 1500 positive ebay transactions with no negatives from any of my buyers.  I specify in my ebay auctions that if a buyer refuses or does not request to have their item sent with proof of posting, insurance or similar trackable service,  then I can’t take responsibility for loss or damage in the postal system.  I believe that that follows ebay guidlines.

Most buyers purchasing expensive items from me do take out coverage,  but unfortunately one buyer from Australia did not.  The item (a stamp) was valued at $170.

It never arrived,  not that I could prove it didn’t,  As far as Paypal is concerned since my auction allows Paypal payments and Paypal policy is now (I don’t know how long for) to add Buyer protection to YOUR auctions whether YOU want it or not.  Paypal consider that without any evidence of posting (it must be online and  traceable),  then you ARE guilty of taking the buyers money and not shipping the item PERIOD.  They do not accept that the buyer could be a thief and wants his payment back after receiving the item. That is not even questioned!  Paypal is going to refund the buyer.  It always refunds the buyer.  The buyer is allowed to make 3 refund requests per month.  Hey, I’ve an idea to make some easy money, I’ll just pay, tell teh seller I don’t want insurance, wait 40 days, say it didn’t arrive and get my money back guaranteed.  Role on Internet Fraud courtesy of Paypal.

As such Paypal Policy overrides the Sellers shipping policy and responsibility.  Could you imagine any Court of Law finding you guilty of loss because an item possibly stolen in either the USPS or Australian Postal Service? All I have is a USPS receipt which states I sent to Australia a letter the day after he paid me.

Needless to say, trying to communicate my side of the story to Paypal has been ineffective.  I emailed them asking for the person dealing with this so that I could have an Attorney deal with them instead of me.  Paypal have not made any attempt to provide contact details.

I accept that I should have taken the time to read up the Paypal Policy or should I say the changes in the Policy that are not sent out to their customers… the onous is on you to find out what has changed or setup your preferences to be emailed out automatically any such notices.  Again I am at fault here.

Now you can write/phone Paypal and request that Buyer Protection policy is not added to your auctions.  trouble is THEY decide whether or not to agree!!!  Yes! They have the right to refuse your request.

Goodbye Paypal,  you really are greedy capitalists.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 9:42 am


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